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Lunar Pets: From Pet Threads to Profits

The Challenge:

Stepping into the world of pet fashion, Lunar Pets faced challenges in establishing a robust omnichannel presence, rectifying tracking inconsistencies, and amplifying customer lifetime value.

The Result:

Achieving an 800% surge in revenue and a marked increase in profitability. The introduction of a streamlined marketing funnel set the stage for sustainable growth.

Key Takeaways:

✅ Holistic Marketing Approach: The significance of weaving together multiple marketing channels for a seamless brand experience.
✅ Tracking Precision: Addressing attribution challenges to provide a clear picture of campaign success and ROI.
✅ Customer Engagement: Harnessing the potential of a dedicated customer base for enhanced loyalty and repeat purchases.
✅ Strategic Scarcity: Introducing timely offers without overwhelming the audience, leading to heightened engagement.
✅ Innovative Creatives: Embracing evolving content consumption trends with compelling visuals and narratives.


In the vibrant landscape of pet accessories, Lunar Pets began its journey with aspirations of becoming a pet fashion powerhouse. Recognizing gaps in their marketing strategy, our collaboration commenced.

Upon a meticulous analysis, it became evident that Lunar Pets lacked a cohesive marketing strategy. Randomized discounts, inconsistent campaign planning, and scattered creative efforts needed a revamp.

Strategic Blueprint:

Given the dynamic nature of pet fashion, our initial step was crafting a 90-day blueprint encompassing Facebook ads, Google promotions, TikTok campaigns, email marketing, and cohesive branding efforts. The integrated approach led to an immediate 100% uptick in revenue within a fortnight, underscoring the power of omnichannel marketing.

Tracking Excellence:

Transparent and accurate tracking became pivotal. By leveraging advanced tools and techniques, we eradicated attribution discrepancies. This ensured Lunar Pets optimized its ad spend, eliminating redundant costs and boosting ROI.

Leveraging Loyalty:

Diving deep into Lunar Pets’ customer database unveiled opportunities. Crafting a VIP email system spotlighted loyal customers, offering them exclusive perks. This initiative catalyzed brand loyalty, propelling the email-driven revenue from a modest percentage to a dominant share within weeks.

Strategic Scarcity:

Implementing scarcity tactics, we curated hyper-relevant offers tailored for potential customers on the brink of a purchase decision. This precision targeting, termed as ‘exclusive pet moments,’ not only elevated sales but also fostered a sense of urgency among prospects.

Creative Renaissance:

The essence of Lunar Pets lies in its creativity. Embracing user-generated content and dynamic ad formats, we revolutionized their ad strategy. By refining video production techniques and scripting compelling narratives, we consistently achieved stellar ROAS.

In Conclusion:

With a tailored roadmap and futuristic marketing techniques, Lunar Pets transcended its initial challenges. Navigating the ever-evolving pet fashion realm demands agility, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. Together, we transformed Lunar Pets into a beacon of style and profitability in the pet fashion cosmos.

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